Just kickin it in the sticks of North Carolina on 75 acres of farm and ranch
..I'm a surfer, cowboy, kayaker, adrenaline junkie, back road traveler, hopeless romantic. I've lived in South Central Illinois in a tiny watertower town called Sunnyland.It's a place that exists but doesn't exist on paper. I've lived on Marco Island in Florida, in Cowtown/Fort Worth Texas, Tucson, and Marana in the Sonora Desert of Arizona, and on Phillip Island in Australia. I use to be a bad boy but I'm learnin' to chill ... a little :) I've done quite a bit of International travel and US travel. I love photography but I'm just a amateur. I love the Woods and Mountains but the Ocean is my true love. I love fishing from a pier or on a river, Geology, camping, cooking, PBR and Blatz, Toyota FJs and Tundras, surfing, blondes, Mauser rifles, HK handguns, Megan Fox, beach bummin, country girls, kayaking, horses, real moonshine, Reese Witherspoon, big hound dogs, GTOs, brunettes with pretty eyes, Ducati and Suzuki race bikes, big wave surfing, Kyle Busch, Yamaha dirt bikes, Sally Fitzgibbons, Quiksilver, farming, old western movies, Pheasant hunting, hiking, Mountains, country back roads, animals, all kinds of music including that old country and western, and anything that has to do with adventure and extreme sports. I've competed in AMA Road Racing, surfing, baseball, wrestling, golden gloves, and track. I no longer compete in anything except who can have the most fun in life! I've done rock climbing, big wave, and hurricane surfing, repelling, archery, whitewater rafting, sky diving, kayaking, extreme hiking, crossed Australia in a VW camper van, skate boarding, snow boarding, dirt biking, and I even barrel rolled a Russian Sukhoi with a friends guidance. My new love is bow fishing and saltwater fishing for Pamlico Drum. I'll answer most messages if you find something you'd like to talk about. Kick back and join my Tumblr adventure Cheers ~ Billy

Mile high swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain, NC

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